Somewhere over the rainbow way up high theres a land that I heard of once in a lulaby

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Blessings

Well life in JAK city has been busy as ever. During the evening the population here grows to about 24 million people. Travis and I spend our time going to our favorite spots for dinner or drinks and we often enjoy watching the "city come to life" from our balcony which offers a birds eye view of the whole of Central Jakarta.

This summer has dealt us many blessings and much to be grateful for. We have been more dedicated to our mission than ever and are able to reap the benefits. Every couple of months we head out to Singapore or Bali to get a little break from Jakarta. We recently attended/co-hosted a super cool Co-Ed baby shower for our dear friends Jessi & Jesse who are expecting any day now! We also went to a Wailers concert and even ended up having some beers with the band after :)Along with trips Little India and China Town, which remain my favorite Singaporean spots.

Living abroad has so many benefits such as meeting new friends from all over the world. Travis and I truly enjoy sharing our lives with so many amazing people.

As our adventures here have not yet lived their life we have planned a trip to visit family this October. We will be heading to San Francisco for a couple days then to LA where we get to say and hang out with my cousin Cheryl whom I have not seen for something close to 20 years! :) After a day in LA we head down to Mexico to celebrate Travis' grandparents wedding anniversary with his family. After returning to LA Travis will head back to Jakarta solo and I will travel to WI to visit my family and friends for another 8 days.

I will attach a few recent photos: Ben Folds Concert (singing Sara without an H) Wailers Concert, Lion Cub...OH- this is a bit older but a friend ran across a magazine with Travis and I eating breakfast as the centerfold, an outing with the Padesan Kids

Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching up 2

Following the holidays we started the new year by moving into our new apartment and celebrating Valentines day at Emilie. Two days later I headed to Singapore to visit our friends Jessi & Jesse who had recently discovered they were expecting their first baby in July! I had a blast as Jessi walked me around all the places in Singapore I hadn't yet visited...4 months pregnant and she could still out walk me!

2011 has kept us quite busy so far as the office gets busier and we try to squeeze in as many trips as possible. This march Travis went to Hong Kong to visit his friend Kohei, also a Chiropractor, who he graduated with at Palmer while I went to Bali with my friend Marlis and her family. Travis enjoyed visiting with his friend and ate some seriously good food while traveling in Hong Kong.